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We specialize in providing quality behavioral health services to children, adolescents and adults. Our goal is to combine compassion with excellent clinical skills and up-to-date knowledge in behavioral health. Our practice philosophy is to listen to our patients and offer the best possible care. Treatment is provided in a safe and confidential environment and your privacy is highly valued. We are passionate about our work, and at the same time, we are privileged to care for our patients.

Our patients are provided with clear and comprehensive information about their treatment options. Through individual patient and/or family interviews, we assess patients’ current challenges, strengths, and functioning level, as well as his/her developmental, educational, family, medical, and psychiatric history.  Patients (and/or their guardians) choose how their treatment will proceed after being well informed of the different recommended treatment modalities and their benefits and risks. We are especially sensitive to patients and their families’ concerns about medication side effects.

Our primary focus is that your behavioral health needs are effectively addressed, in a caring and professional way. We welcome you to visit this website and learn more about our academic background, credentials and professional experiences.

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